Across the Gates


I’d like to share with you my latest render, “Across the Gates”. It’s a surrealism scene I made in the context of one of Clinton Jones’ weekly challenges.

I have written a little text to give the scene more context, which I have attached at the end of this post. (*)

This was made in Blender 3.0. I created the base mesh for the characters using MakeHuman, and sculped them inside Blender. I used texture painting with Quixel Mixer to texture the scene. Some other textures are from and Quixel, or made procedurally. The original render is a 6400*8000 px picture, rendered at around 300 samples. I used Photoshop for grading and a bit of compositing.


Blender viewport:

(*) Text:
One day you contemplate them with envy, the next you fear them like Death. They guide you to freedom, and lock you in time and space. They discriminate the Here and the There. A narrow anomaly in the cosmos, a singularity where movement meets immobility. Place of trade and exclusion. Light and shadow. Hope and despair.
When you’ll cross the Gates - will you know for sure which side you’re on?

I hope you enjoy!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you! Have a great weekend too

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