ACS-Blender | Auto Compile Blender (script) Ubuntu/fedora

Hi everyone, the first time I build blender was because I wanted to change the Splash Screen to what I wanted. The first time I tried to build Blender I just quit because the long time it takes and the dificult that sometimes it becomes. After some time and a lot of stress I realized how to buildit and learn about the error it gives when compiling the code. Now I made my custom builds on Ubuntu using a script I made in Bash.

What it does?

  • Set the environment to compile blender
  • Downloads the source code from Blender GitHub Master Branch (and its updates)
  • Downloads and compile the dependencies (like FFMPEG, OIIO, OCIO, etc)
  • Compile blender with everything (except OSL and LLVM because issues with LLVM 3.8)
  • Install blender on your system

How to use it?

  • Download the script from Gumroad for Free (or you can donate something):
  • Copy the script to your home directory
  • Run in a terminal: ./
  • Select your language: English or Spanish
  • Select your linux distribution: Ubuntu or Fedora
  • Follow the instructions and enjoy blender.

My some of the beneficts of building your own version of blender:

  • You can compile the source without things you don’t really need (like game engine in my case)
  • Recent blender code and bug fixes
  • New addons, modifiers, etc…
  • Custom splash screen (my favorite :cool:)

And 2 videos to learn how to use it (spanish only):
First time using the script:

How to recompile the code without going to all the proces again: