ACT: Another Car Thread

I see there are a lot of these but I thought I would post up what I have so far. The car is the BMW 2008 M6 Coupe. I took my time and did just the side view and thought I would post before trying to pull it over the rest of the car.

Side view model.

Side view with out modeling.

Front view with out modeling.

So my question is, do any of the experts out there see where there could be problems with pulling it over the front of the car. Also I am loosly following a tutorial but the tutorial is in another language so it’s just using the pictures and infering what I am suppose to do. Tutorial link is here.

Cheers and thanks for the feedback in advance.

i have never done it like this. when i set a vertex i always try to set it where it has to be, so i’m always switching betwen front,top and side view. in my opinion your way will causes a lot of problems.

i dont know your tut so maybe it’s possible to make a nice modell this way?


i’d say u have too many verts and it should be hard to place them in the right positions, if u look at the tutorial it has a much less complicated mesh. That’s because it’s a low-poly tutorial, such cars are nice for exterior vizualisations to fill the empty spaces and add realism. If u’re going for modelling the car as the main detailed object, this technique isnt too good…

anyways, the tutorial is in polish so if u’re still interested in doing such a low-poly M6 i can translate it for u in my spare time :wink:
if u’re going for a nice high-poly version of the car, i’d suggest getting blueprints (found some for u: 1 and 2 - u’ll need to register for the forum, but it’s worth it) of the car and modelling it from scratch. Here’s a very nice tutorial (3ds max based but tools are similar).

hope that helps :wink:

  • Kroni

Amazing Kroni. Thanks so much for the feed back. Also it’s ment to be a medium poly. Will post some of what I have going and I do like being able to position a bunch of the verts.

And for translating the tutorial I think that would be pretty amazing. I know lots of people in another thread said they want it translated.

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback. Will keep posted as I muttle through my first car model.

Edit: Forgot to add in the link to a new screen shot of what I have going on.

Latest work on the car.

Thanks again.

I wish I could understand that tutorial, it would be good for making low poly cars for the game engine.

I have choosen to make mine a lot more complex than it has to be. Other than that I have just used the pictures to get me through. Once I get better at it will probably go out and take a lot of pictures of cars around the city and model them.

Translated it to english

If anyone has some webspace to host it, You’re welcome to do so.

  • Kroni

Hey thanx Kroni.