.act .bdy and .mot support


? - Blender exports to MOT ( LightWave Motion (.mot))

i dont know if thats the same,but i think that i mostly need .act support,nfo would do as well.

can you provide details?

well,i know milkshape 3d supports .act,that cost money tho.i want it for Reality Factory,and i dont know enough programming to b able to describe how .act works,but i believe Genesis3d uses .act too,there might b more about it on the Genesis3d site.is that wat u wanted?

now, the .bdy is similar in function tyo doom 3’s md5mesh file, and our .mot is not at all the same as lightwave’s .mot, it’s similar in function to doom 3’s md5anim file.

go here : http://www.genesis3d.com download the source, and look through the body.h file( the gebody ) and the motion.c file( the gemotion).

the .act file itself is basically a pak file…

thats wat a guy told me.

anyone?Anyone at ALL!!!

if you want it, look through the source yourself… or better yet, post working copies of each format and if they’re text-based and relatively bug-free formats one of us will surely do it…

dont know how,cos im not yet very good at programming,or scripting.

forgot about this, ill post a .act file now.


anyone know enought o do this?

Oh why are we waiting, why are we waiting, oh why are we waiting, whhyyywhhhyy whyyyy.

I’m not exactly sure what your asking for. Your want to export/import those files out of/into blender?

This is a binary file, unless its really popular (like 3ds) your not going to have much luck parsing it. (writing an importer)
Your better off looking for a way for the application that wrote it to export a different format.

i want blender to import and export it, yes.

ill have a look for a different file, called .nfo, and .key(?), which is exported to by gmax, and can be imported by Reality Factory, which uses .act.

nvm, thank you ideasman for offering(?) bt someone at the RF forum is doing a script for NFO and KEY for blender.