Action actuator API update since BGE 2.71?

Ok so I just updated from 2.71 to current. all my action actuators are broken. did anything change? anyone else have to redo stuff?

Alright I’m with you but I have of course checked there. Everything looks the same. was there a change within blender itself?
Can I still just use controller.activate(“myactionactuator”) to make it run?


works well

so does


it could be something changed with the actuators themselves,

can you try (in 1 actor) deleting the action actuators 1 at a time and adding a new copy, (name it the same etc?)

if this works, it’s just a import problem (I had to do this with rigid bodies before, (delete and replace all in scene))

Upon further examination the problem seems to be getting the Group Instances of the main object to animate. the original still does just fine. any word on this bug?

As far as I know Blender/BGE might get problems when you run a linked group residing in a blend file of an older version. But this is just a wild guess.

well this is a rebuild so it’s all new assets. well it’s fine. i’ll just revert for now

Another thing that happened to me:

When you do not refer to an action via ActionActuator and this action actuator is not part of the group, the action might not be loaded.