Action actuator broken?

Am I doing something wrong or is the action actuator not working? Here’s blend file actuator_not_working.blend (489 KB)
Press ALT A - action plays, press P and it wont.

Bonus question :), why multiple objects (more than 2) playing same action via script (using game_object.playAction(…) function) causes game engine to crash after some time of playing, usually less that half a minute? This is what i originally wanted to ask but thought to try and test if i get crash by using action actuator.

You need to run the action on armature, not the mesh.

Dum mistake…

It turns out that BGE crashes if multiple objects play same animation via logic bricks olso, heres blend file: crash_when_multiple_ob_play_same_act.blend (968 KB)
Just press P and wait a bit.

Any ideas why?

Blender version 2.71

No crash here (Blender 2.71.2 Hash 80d3eb6 on Windows 7 64bit).

At least it’s not about using the same action, I had your file running for like an hour after I changed the animation type to loop stop and re-cloned some instances.

With 2.71 HASH 9337574 BGE crash time varies, sometime it is after few seconds sometimes after few minutes.

Problem solved
Downloaded latest build and no crash in 20 min