action actuator... problem...?

I have an action actuator that will play the animation “Walk” when I press the W button. The animation was created in the Action editor. I can preview it fine and it works, but when I start the game and push W nothing happens! There must be a step that I’m missing…?

I’ve attached what my linkage on the armature looks like.


have you assigned “vertex Groups” to armature’s bones?!

Yes, the vertex groups are set. The animation works perfectly fine if I preview it in blender, but it just wont play in game.

Actually I just realized that I used weight painting instead of vertex groups… but this should still work right?

Please help! I know python… is there a way to do this with Python?

Assign “Vertex Groups” to bones, maybe?!

Okok… is there any way to convert an action to an IPO? I can’t get the action to work so maybe IPO…

You can’t use weight painting in the game engine.

Damn! Weight painting was so easy… ok well thank you for your help. I shall read up on how to use vertex groups. Thanks everyone for your help!

Isn’t it somehow possible to convert weight paint into vertex groups? I got ecaxtly the same problem. And you don’t feel like remake a perfect rig…

What the hell??? I set up the vertex groups… everything is working perfectly AGAIN… but I start up the game and the action doesn’t play… then I made an IPO… Same thing! I named all the armatures the exact same as the associated groups… I can preview the animations perfectly but it still doesn’t work in game… same situation as before.

Please help me! I’ve attached the blander file…


human.blend (317 KB)

Ah, mod is a hard job!
“Armature modifier” don’t work in the game engine!
Delete it, select the character, then the armature, parent and choose “don’t create groups”
Raise the action level “end:” to 20?!
It should work now, I hope?!

Awesome! Cool, cool… took me forever to figure out how to make it parent… the menu to get there is really long and if your cursor ends up in another screen by that time then it won’t work! I have the latest version of blender too… If only those little quirks were fixed up this program would the by far the greatest thing ever made. It’s still pretty close.

Thank you for your extreme patience! You’ve been a great help.