Action actuator

Sorry to bother u with this easy question, but how so i integrate my armature actions in my game?

I made actions with my armature that work when i play the animation. Then, i said (with logic bricks) that if i press space bar, it plays the action from frame 1 to 15.

Am I forgetting a step?


hey turkey killer, this looks like i problem i faced some time ago …

is the armature the parented to the object?? the rig wont work in the game engine if it is not …

It isn’t. So if I make the object the parent, and the armature the child, it should work?

Aha! It works!

It works when the armature is the parent.

Thx so much.

Your logic seems to be correct.

What is supposed to happen? If your bow string is the only thing that moves then maybe it’s just not visible because lines aren’t rendered?

Try adding a dummy object like a simple cube to the scene and parent it to the bone that you’re moving. this should show you exactly what’s happening with the bone.

Edit: oops, beaten to it. Need to refresh more before posting…

Lol. One problem though. When i move the bone in pose mode, the string moves twice as far. Like when i move the bone 3 units along the x, the string moves 6…

Not a big problem though, just have to cut the distance in two.

how many armature modifiers do yo have?

Good point, moffboffjoe.


There are 2 kinds of armature modifiers in Blender and only 1 is usable in the game engine.

If the first armature modifier wasn’t the game engine one then it will have not modified your armature in the game engine, but will have done in the 3d view.

If the second armature modifier was added then only one modifier will affect the armature in the game engine, but both will affect the armature in the 3d view, giving a doubled up result.

Ya, i noticed that it doesn’t affect the GE. It doubles in the 3D screen, but not in the game.

So, all is well.

Also, I have a quick quetion: Can you only send messages between objects in different scenes? Could I send a message to an object in the same scene and layer?

you can send messages to other objects on the same scene and layer, and i think i have sent messages between scenes before aswell

Thx man. Perfect.