"Action" and "IK Solver" not showing up in constraints options...

I’m trying to experiment with IK. I created an armature, went to “add constraint”, but IK Solver didn’t show up as an option (“action” constraint didn’t show up as an option either.) I can’t say this has ever happened to me before. Is there anyone who knows what has occurred?


If you are talking about the Ctrl Alt C menu, then here is the reasons:

  • the Action constraint was left out of the menu. I’ve added this in cvs, so it will be there for 2.43 (or any cvs build as of yesterday/today).

  • Ctrl I
    adds an IK-solver to the active bone that points to whatever was selected


Sounds like your armature is in OBJECT mode instead of POSE mode.


Thanks. I was in object mode rather than pose mode. Problem solved.