Action Animations Help

I have an armature that I want to play an animation when an actuator is triggered. I have an actuator sensor connected to an and controller then connected to the action actuator, the problem is that it doesn’t play the whole animation, it only plays it while the sensor actuator is happening. How can I make it play the whole animation and have the previous actuator to be unaffected. (I can’t just add the two animation and the sensor actuator to the same controller because it wouldn’t fit correctly into the logic I require.)

set the actuator to loop end…

loop end loop stop flipper and play all have the same results

Can we have a .blend please? I don’t understand the question. If you want the animation to play through just by activating the actuator once, the lood end should work… :\

I don’t have the time to isolate the problem so I have posted my test file.

WASD moves the character
Mouse steers
Space jumps
Right Mouse Button wall jumps

The problem happens when I try to wall jump. It’ll play the animation until the wall jump actuator ends, then it’ll stop.

Once again, I’m sorry about the complications

Sorry here


Animation Help.blend (651 KB)