Action Baking Problem with Rig

Hey there,

I’ve made a Rig for game and animation purposes. The problem is that for games you can’t (and dont even want to) export the constraints of the bones, which i used in Blender for the animation, because any game engine wont “understand” them.

Therefor I tried baking the rig, especially the bones, which are necessary for the character. Kind of “the real bones”.
My Problem is, when baking the rig, something strange happens.

The animation is no more the same as before, meaning there are little differences on how rig moves.

I added a file of my rig the explain my problems.
baking_problem.blend (1.71 MB)

I also tried to find a workaround, in which i copied the rig and added “copy rotation” to all bones of the copied rig (by a python script ^^). But as a I baked it, the same problem accurred.

Any help? o.O