Action button and halos and particles..oh my

Ok I did a seach of the site and didnt find any info on this. I am a noob with the blender game engine. I have several ideas in mind and have tried them out and keep hitting dead ends on every one of them…always something that doesnt work right. First the action button
Where did it go? Under the logic actuators there used to be an action selection under the motion actuator and its not there anymore…maybe i need to reinstall?
Is it possible to get them to work in the game engine?? I cant no matter what I do.
How do you get them to work in the game engine?

relax, it’s only three dee :slight_smile:
“Action button” its only available when you select an Armature object!? Hu, funny?
Hallo’s work quite well, just verify if they are in the “good” direction…this meaning the Y axis pointing forward…or the X axis? :slight_smile:
Anyway, here’s the method: add a plane in front view
Apply your UV texture
In top view turn the object 90° clockwise
Do Ctrl-A keys to apply rotation
Done…remember to place the halo object in other layer than the current game scene to use it with the “add object” actuator.
Particles don’t work in the game engine

  1. The action button only appears when an armature is selected.
  2. You cant use particles in the GE but a good alternative is to use the edit > add object actuator to add planes with an appropriate texture to fake the effect you want. Try searching the forums for fake particles I know theres plenty of examples around.

Hope that helps.

Edit:OTO types faster than me.

Thanks alot i was about to pull out my hair on this…and i aint got much left!!!