action constraint without a linked bone object?

I have this action that I created with shape keys. It would be really nice for a rig i’m working on if it was possible to have a bone in the rig that was linked to this action. It would make the animators job easier. But is it possible to assign an action constraint to an action that isn’t bone-driven? I’ve played around with it and can’t find a way. Any alternative suggestions if it’s not possible?

(point is it’s be nice to have the bone there so that the animator didn’t have to jump in and out of pose mode or something to get the action, it can all be done in one window.) Is there a better way to do this?

Select the ShapeKey IPO, hit N to add a Driver. Type in the name of the Armature and the name of the Bone below it and select what the bone does (Rot or Loc and the axis) to drive the Shape.


thanks for the lightening fast post. I will try this right away

EDIT: Fantastic, just what I was looking for

only trouble I’m having is getting this to work for all 360 degrees. I set my ipo curve to return to the rest position at 360, be at the peak at 180. But when the bone is rotated in the 3d window, it doesn’t seem to be reading the curve after 180 degrees, it just jumps back to the start without reversing and no action takes place after 180 degrees.

In the Driver (Transform Props) tab you need to adjust your X and Y Min and Max values.


Yes, that’s what I’ve been fidgeting with, nothing seems to work, and I can’t figure out an explanation as to how the ipo time graph for driven shape keys works… I always thought that the x axis was degrees… but that reasoning seems to not make sense for the results i’m getting here. Ah well, I plan on researching it a bit when I work on this later tonight. Any documentation that could help me?

CONFUSION: the properties tab inputs seem to go by a different unit (not degrees?) than the x-axis display in the IPO window, I think this is one thing thats confusing the hell out of me

EDIT: Strange, through playing around with it, my shapekey works on a 360 degree bone rotation only if I set it within a range of 180 degrees… ::shrugs:: it does what I want it to but I’ll be damned, that does not make any sense to me.