Action constraint?

Hello. I’m having a problem about Action Constraints. I was fallowing the blenderart magazine 1. (the one with the little robot.) And got to page 28. Everything went fine, till this page. I readed it, and still have no clue what to do. Can someone help me? :smiley:

PS, I’m using a cube, does that have anything to do with not getting it right?

We need a link to page 28.


Okay, sorry, I forgot to mention that it was a PDF. Here’s the link

I’m on dialup and can’t be bothered with files that size. Just copy and paste the text of that page, or upload your file with some explanation of what you think should happen next. Action Constraints apply only to Armatures and if you are using an armature and you want a good explanation search the Animation Forum for “Action” by “Duoas”.