Action Constraints Made Easy

Learn to create, use, and apply action constraints to make your armatures better.

Basic to Advanced.
The first part of the tutorial deals with basic rigging.
The last part covers some advanced topics.

The tutorial is written with a lot of detail, but is simplistic to read and follow.
Example blends are provided.


I hope you all enjoy this. It is an update to an older tutorial (found here) that will shortly become defunct. Besides which, it’s old.

Please post comments, criticisms, corrections, questions, praise, hate, etc. here.

(BTW, I still need to finish the animation, so give it a month or so before you look to see Billy lifting that rock.)

Update. I have now finished validating all the pages in the tutorial as HTML 4.01 Strict. I have tested in
both FireFox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 6. (I refuse to let IE7 anywhere near my PC.)

If you find any problems with your browser of choice, let me know.