action constraints not working in linked file...

…even though they are in the linked file’s action editor. How can I get these working? They work in the parent file. Thanks.

Well, it seems that if relative paths is unchecked while linking they work. Is this a feature or a bug?

sounds like a bug
try protecting all the bone layers in the armature in the library file (by contrl clicking them), and see if that doesn’t fix it.

Thanks for the response, I really don’t know what was wrong with my linked file, but I recreated a new one, both with the layers selected and then not, and the action const. seems to be working, even though I my original linked file and one saved from it didn’t. If this happens again I will try to pay attention as to why.

by “layers selected” you mean protected? i.e. with the dark dot in the center.
I think in some cases it depends on when you created the constraint vs. when you linked the file- though if the layers are protected, it seems to always work.

OK I will check this out. And, like I said, it all seems fine now, I panicked a bit because I spent a bit of time on a lip sync, and suddenly I found that I couldn’t make my eyes blink! So, I am assuming it is good practice to protect the layers. I’ve noticed that modifying my base armature doesn’t automatically update my linked one, does this have to do with protected layers as well? Thanks again