action editor - Lamps

I’m needing to make an action that will include several lamps. This is what I am trying to do: at the beginning of the action, every lamp will be at full attenuation. At the end, every lamp will be at 0 attenuation.

But when I select a lamp they don’t show up in the action editor as an item. What do I do? Can you not do actions with lamps like you can bones of an armature?

In the end I hope to apply an action constraint to each lamp, so that I can have a single bone in my scene that can turn on and off all the lights easily with one ipo curve for the bone to worry about.

Think I realize what to do. you don’t use action constraints for the lights, but just add an object driver to the IPO curve. Funny, because I’ve done this before…

Actually this doesn’t seem to be working either. :frowning: Am I on the right track?

I set it up like I normally would a driven shape key. But when I move the bone that drives it nothing happens… can you use driven ipos like this?