action editor - Lamps

I’m needing to make an action that will include several lamps. This is what I am trying to do: at the beginning of the action, every lamp will be at full attenuation. At the end, every lamp will be at 0 attenuation.

But when I select a lamp they don’t show up in the action editor as an item. What do I do? Can you not do actions with lamps like you can bones of an armature?

In the end I hope to apply an action constraint to each lamp, so that I can have a single bone in my scene that can turn on and off all the lights easily with one ipo curve for the bone to worry about.

EDIT: Also note, I’ve already set the values as IPO curves. But how do I get that workable with the action editor?

sry for the double post :frowning: Anyone delete this?