Action Editor - multiple objects in one action

I’m trying to learn the action editor a bit and ran into a snag that I can’t figure out.

I have a door that opens with rotate. At the same time, I have an object that translates. They are not parented (because the object shouldn’t rotate), and are actually in different containers.

I can’t seem to get both objects in the same action. I select them both, then hit locRot key, and then it creates a second one automatically.

For now, I’ll switch to having my second object be driven by the rotation. Of course, I don’t know how to do That yet either…I just know you can.

I’d love to know what I’m doing wrong though. Is it just that they have to have a direct relationship? All of the examples I’m finding online are related to bones on basic single armatures.

I too would like to know. I’m using the free rain rig to animate a scene in a cafe but I’m not sure how to use the Pose Library and Action editor.
Search results not showing what I want.

Hello, if you have several objects you’re going to have several actions, simply said. You can link an action to several objects, but that will make them behave the same (same keyframes =>same movement).

Actions are per single object. If you want to trigger the transform of one object by the rotation of another, then add a driver to the transform channel you want. Here is a plane rotating and moving(driving) a cube in a 20 frame animation. You need to learn about drivers.simpledriver.blend (773.9 KB)

Ok when you put it like that, doesn’t sound like I knew what I was asking for.
Let me be clearer:
Want to make a sitting pose for rig, then a grabbing cup pose, save them somehow to be used for similar poses and animations in future. Reusing those poses I made.

You can use the pose library