Action editor not responding

Hi all,
I have set up a model, assigned armature through weight painting…even set up ations in action editor.
HOWEVER… when I go to “trigger” those key actions through user input…nothing happens.
The model moves when scrolling through the frames as desired…I have input the key frames I wish triggered through mouse clicks in the logic panel…yet the action just doesnt seem to register at all when I test it out.
I have armature modifiers on the object(s)…even when I apply these, nothing still happens.
Have I missed something?
Please help a fairly new noob to blender.

Thanx in advance

there is a rest mode button in the edit pannel… unclick it

Wait, you’re using armature modifiers? Those don’t work at all in the Game Engine. You must parent the armature to the object using the [Ctrl+P] method.