Action editor not showing anything

Hey guys, I have been working on this animation, and I rendered a test preview, and found some bugs, so I went back to the action editor, but none of my keyframes are showing up! no bone names, or anything. The NLA viewer has everything however, and ALL the animations still play, I just CANT edit them.

I must have clicked something, but I really dont know?

Ok, I dont know how I had that problem, but my temporary solution was to append the scene to a new blend file. But I still don’t know what caused the initial problem.

For 2.49b and also 2.5 for the most part:

Without looking at the problem .blend file, it’s hard to say exactly what is the prob, but it sounds like you may have unlinked your Action from the Armature. If you had already added the Action to the NLA as a strip, and NLA was enabled, then the NLA strip would control the Armature, despite not having an Action linked to it.

Actions for Armatures are automatically given Fake User status, so it’s unlikely the Action was actually deleted. You should be able to find it in the drop-down list in the Actions Editor window.

Yeah, they were listed, but when I would click them they wouldnt show up? It was weird. Either way I got it by just importing to a new blend file. Not the best solution but it worked fine.

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I had the same problem, but for me it work out just by closing the action editor (by joining the windows) and splitting a new action editor window. :slight_smile:

Hello from the future, 2019. Same fix works in Blender 2.80: If you can’t see your keyframes in the Action Editor for no reason, switch to Modeling layout or something and then back to Animation. There they are.

I also had this problem, but switching to Modelling mode and back again put me into a state where I can not select objects. Pressing ‘A’ just selects one object (that has no animations) and dragging the mouse over my scene selects nothing.
I had to close Blender and restart it to fix the issue. There is definitely something up with the Action Editor.