Action Editor Problem

I have rigged this toothbrush and have even done a simple animation using only key frames, but I cannot figure out how to get all of the armatures to appear in the action editor. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? Can anyone recommend some good tutorials on the action editor and how to use it?



Try hitting the Home key while hovering in the Action Editor – occasionally channels and keys get “hidden” below the bottom edge of the window and Home should bring them back into view.

BTW, you wrote “all the armatures”… do you mean all the bones in the (single) Armature?

Yes that fixed it! Thanks! I guess that I did mean bones, I thought they were just called armatures in Blender but I guess not.

Bones are the components of an Armature. The Armature is an Object-level element that has no Pose IPOs and its keys are only included in an Action if the proper button in the IPO Editor window is enabled (the little “Action-figure” icon to the far left of the field that identifies the IPO type).