Action editor problem

Hi all,
I’m new to blender (2.48) and I’m facing some problems with animations.
I’m trying to animate a simple character for a game: I successfully tried some animation but now, after some editing, I probably modified something and cannot get animation work properly anymore.

The problem is:
.) I had split the screen into 3D view (pose mode) and Action Editor
.) Select an animation
.) Moving the Action Editor keyframe cursor above the last keyframe, my model seems to detach from the skeleton (i.e. the head going down, the body left and so on).

I tried to set the Extend Mode to Constant (I thought that was the cause) but still having the problem (switching each Extend Mode value the behavior correctly changes).

This appended after some wrong editing , but I really cannot get rid of that.

Please help.


Hi again,

just found the solution …
From the Ipo curve editor I found some curves related to the ObIpos’ of the model; I deleted them all and that seemed to work.

I really don’t how I got them and I if this is the real trick , but that worked, and It’s enough for me

Thanks anyway,


When I was first starting with Blender I had a lot of problems; objects would move to places I didn’t think they should be. Turns out I had objects sharing the same IPO curve. I don’t have much to say other than IPO curves can be everywhere and do funny things. I duplicated an object,including an armature, and found the because the bones had the same name, they would be tied to the same IPO curve. Very frustrating. Glad it worked out for you though.

Hi enginerd,

thank you for repling.

I agree with you, most of strange things for me occurred to duplicated object. I duplicated (not linked) a foot (say the right one) and placed away from the left (in object) , saved the file but every time I reload the file , the two the two overlapped again. Then I discovered the Outliner and found that they shared the same Object data block.
Now I open Outliner very often… it can give you a lot of interesting information…
Now, as a thumb of rule, when a duplicate an object I make it single user to avoid troubles.

Thanks again