Action Film Trailer Remake

Hi everyone!

Almost 10 years ago I made a little action movie trailer inspired by the movies I was watching at the time. After trying out new workflows, I decided to go back and remake it in 3D with the original audio.

My workflow:
The characters were created in MakeHuman and revised in Blender. I also made some custom MakeHuman assets in Blender, such as the beard. I record motion capture data using a software called Glycon 3D and my Oculus Rift CV1 headset and Touch controllers. This gives me some nice natural upper body motion without much need for cleanup. I remap the mocap data with Auto Rig Pro. Three mocap files from Mixamo were also used this way to add to my own “performances”. The rest was hand-animated. Thanks to all the CC-BY and CC0 suppliers of great assets which helped me a lot!

I hope you enjoy the film. Once I get settled into my new workflow, I’m considering making a tutorial or two, if there is any interest.

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Well, I hope that you weren’t serious about that “umm… never” bit in your end-credits, because I think this is an excellent bit of work that fairly begs to be developed into a short film. You have great staging and cinematography, very good dialogue, an obviously-strong protagonist character (and, developed very quickly), and even a great title.

Of course I would like to see “making of” videos, but I would also like to watch the short.

Wow, thank you! The “umm never” bit is actually copied directly from the original video I made almost 10 years ago. Given how well my new workflow works, there is definitely a chance this character will get an actual short film of his own sometime. As always, time is a constraint and my lack of focus, because I have so many ideas for cool projects I would love to work on. :sweat_smile:

Also, I would have to get back into the accent I used for the character when I recorded the voices more than 9 years ago. :smiley:

This is the original (going to upload a comparison video as well):