action lag

I have made 2 actions for my character: a run cycle and a still animation. When I run the game, the engine runs at about 60 fps when displaying the run cycle, but when rendering the still animation, the frame rate drops to 45 fps. I noticed when I remove the keys pertaining to the leg IK contraints in the still animation, the slowdown goes away. Weird, because I use IK contraints in the run animation and there’s no slowdown in that…

Your post is really confusing?!
Most of the animation tools and modifiers don’t work in the game engine!

I’m not good enough to answer this question, but I feel your pain man. Are you using action movement. And no modifiers? Also have you set that stand animation to always. If it’s aöways it will probably lag. Sorry for my english…xd

Yes, I’m using IK and rotation contraints on my character’s legs. They work fine in the game, it’s just I’m wondering why they make one of my actions run slow in the game engine. I also use them in another action, but that action runs just fine in the game with minimal to no lag. Why the inconsistency in frame rate between actions?