Action Movie effects

How do you make Blood Hits? I try playing around with the inflow fluid but I can’t get that action movie blood look, and I also want like pieces of a persons jacket to fly out with the fluid. Also is there a way to make like gun smoke and not like really thick smoke, like almost the kind of smoke from cigarettes.

In summary:

Blood splatter: For droplet splatter, use the fluid sim with inflow object, good amount of normal speed, keyframe it to spray and then quickly shut off.

Blood spray (mist): Same basic setup as droplet splatter, but use the smoke simulator. That way you have a volume (average concentration of the spray) instead of simulating individual droplets

Jacket pieces: particle system flying away from the impact point. Make some jacket fragments, put them in a group, particle system instances that group. You may need more than one particle system to get the look down. You can also do chunky gore splatter with the same sort of technique. Again, you can use the smoke sim if you want dust flying away from the impact point

Gun smoke: Just turn the density down on the smoke shader. That value completely controls the thickness of the smoke, don’t worry if it looks thick in the viewport.

Generally, liquid = fluid sim, solid debris = particles, smoke or subpixel debris = smoke sim. Don’t be afraid to use multiple elements, there’s a lot of pieces to many effects.

If you need more specific advice, post what you have so far and we’ll try to go from there.

Hi I just saw this, could I have that detailed description please? I have no clue where to start on any of the things listed above. How do you make particles look like Fabric pieces, or gore? Also fluid and smoke don’t make sense either. I’m really sorry to have you tell me all this, I am a very new to this. P.S. Did you get your username from Ninjago?