Action Movie Poster | with Tutorial

Personal compositing exercise inspired by the Expendables movie posters designed by Ignition & LA: link

Free tutorial on my approach for this composite on the Blender Daily YouTube channel: link

Sketchfab models credits:

Licenses: CC Attribution & CC Attribution-ShareAlike :

Sword by minghauLoh | medieval sword by LowSeb | Bastard Sword by avhatar | Saw Bidenhänder Sword by iceboxX708 | Damascus Sword by Psychloor | Sword by vishnevsky.yaroslav | Saw Cut Sword by iceboxX708 | Zweihänder sword by Lisov1k | Sword by hoschu | Old Sword by em_kei | Medieval Sword by m4rcu5j4ck50n | Bastard sword by Aren Boada | Long Sword by FlukierJupiter | Two handed Sword by Brendan Vermeltfoort | Zweihander Sword Game Model by Michael Makivic | Medieval Knight’s Long Sword by Hossam | Medieval short sword (worn) by reddification | M16 A2 Rifle by Luchador | m4 Carbine Rifle by Pieter Ferreira | Battle Rifle by DJMaesen | Shotgun by DJMaesen | Remington 870 Shotgun by Urpo | Huntsman Knife by Lucas Lauer Gallo | M9 Bayonet knife by Michael Karel | military knife(WIP) by masterdome | HK MP5 (9mm submachine gun) by quick_loop | Desert Eagle by ELIZION | Colt Python by minhdaow | Colt 1911 by Warkarma | Glock 17 Gen4 (Free) by Ziperi | Adaptive Combat Rifle by doomsentinel | AK74M Assault Rifle by creationwasteland | steampunk mechanical wings by rajath98 |

Big thank you to all the artists!

Comments & critics welcome.


Looks great!

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This is sorcery right here! Looks incr4edible!

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thank you!

haha thanks! The sketchfab artists are to be thanked here. The fact that their models work in a composite with a 61mp image says a lot about how good the models are.

thank you özgür appreciate your support!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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awesome thank you Bart appreciate it! :smiley: have a great weekend

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