Action Not Working when Parented to Armature

I think it’s because the cube (with the physics type ‘dynamic’) is parented and so the collisions with the property ‘rail’ don’t work. Maybe try changing the cube’s physics to ‘sensor’?

Right now I’ve got it on character physics, but I don’t really know the difference between character and dynamic. I don’t have a chance to try anything yet, but I feel like animating the cube for the jump and animating the bone for the travelling part should work alright.

dynamic is the best option and the official one (to make characters/bounding boxes)
character physics, they added this because a lot of people didn’t know how to make a character, it has limited usage/functionally but for a basic game it’s more the enough.

basically, with dynamic you need to program everything yourself (or with bricks) the character physics got build in jump function, step check (to walk up stairs for example) and some more.

Okay. Do you suppose that’s why my character can’t jump while he’s going up a slope? Cuz that’s another problem I’m having.

could be, could also be: not enough force to push it upwards, or simply because of the animation.
As soon as you animate the position, then that is the position as long as the animation runs. with other words the animation will override your jump function.

that’s why i suggested to do this with physics.
walk up and slide down, not much to handle here, then you can jump whenever you want, just like the example i have given you

Oh, yeah. I haven’t tried the animations yet, but I was talking about my regular walking levels, not the roller coaster levels. When my character (with character physics) is facing upwards on a slope, he can’t jump (using physics motion controls). I’m working on another project at the moment, so I haven’t had the chance to try any of this yet. :frowning: