Action Offset - Motion graphics!

Hi folks!

The new AddOn, Action Offset… a tool for animate many objects, with time offsetting.
This video show the usage.

V1.1 UPDATED! (2013-05-18)


Action Offset need Oscurart Tools for work.:rolleyes:


Very cool add-on. Thanks

Interesting Add-on. Cool :smiley:

Pretty cool Oscurart, many thanks! :smiley:

Great work Oscurart!

i really like the results!

would this work with an Empty object as control object as well?

You should do a text fx addon, with a variety of presets for different movement and fadings, which should be easily applicable (1-click would be great)!


CodemanX, the empty is for compensate the position offset in nla. The constrains no need this option.


Is there a new version of this addon? i tried to install the beta in blender 2.67, and its not working.

Thank you!

yes please!!

OFFSET.blend (874 KB)

The addOn is work fine for me.
Please, check if your are setting fine the parameters.

I made one scene for you, it’s in attached files.
Follow this instructions for the correct use.
The scene show how use cns offset only. I recommend you use Cns Offset, it’s a little bit easy.


VERSION1.1 is in the same Url.
Please, redownload it.
I made a new tutorial for use it.


Thank you very much for the new version, scene and video tutorial!

Grande!!, te amamos!

Blender 2.68a,
downloaded each oscurart_tools *.py files in C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.68\scripts\addons_contrib
installed Action Offset (ok)
error when I hit the Set Order button.

This is a very useful tool! It makes the animation of various objects much easier…
I used in this video:

Thank you very much, oscurart!

Hi Eversimo, Can I use your video for show the script?
Your work is amazing.

hi there. the tool seems very cool, however i also got an error when i set the order (tried with 2.7):

blackdot… Action Offset need Oscurart Tools for work.:rolleyes:


hey man, thank’s for the quick answer. Sorry about that, you did actually say that in the first topic. Anyway it works fine and dandy now in 2.70.

@oscurart Great Addon! It’s possible you can add “oscurart tools” category for 2.7? All yours tools in one place?