Action on key release?

Is it possible to set up the keyboard sensor to trigger something after you hold and release a key, rather than it triggering right when the key is pressed? I just can’t seem to figure this out :-?


i think the ‘inv’ button in the keyboard sensor does this. I could be wrong.

“Inv” would just trigger the action whenever the key isn’t being held down.

Try using a FALSE pulse (the second pulse button), see what happens.

Nope… Doesn’t work :frowning:

Hello , i think this is possible only via python, but i suggested that for GE developers it would be easiest way if u can turn buttons on keyboard sensor press/release like ture/fase button

trigger = cont.getSensor("sensorName")
if trigger.isPositive():
	#here come when press the key
	#here come when released the key