action problem

Hello, I’m trying to make something work for an fps so I made a test file to see if something would work…but for some reason my leg action won’t play when I start the game, please help if you can it would be apreciated.
thanks in advanced it’s my file is here

hey… link is broken… care to upload it again?


oh hehe forgot www. lol thanks here

Chirps, the problem has to do with the way you parented your armature to the legs object. This is the same problem Abel had with his armature. (If you could tell me exactly how you parented it, it would help me understand things a bit better.)

To fix it, select the legs object and press [Alt + A] to clear parenting. Select “Clear Parent and Keep Transformations (Clear Track)”. This will keep the legs where they are, but destroy the parenting relationship. Now select the legs, then the armature. Press [Ctrl + P] to make the armature the parent of the legs. Select “Armature” from the first list, then (since you already have a vertex group created) select “Don’t Create Groups”. Play the file, and you will find that the action runs just as it should when you press [W Key].

To All: You must use the [Ctrl+P] method to parent your armatures or the actions will not play in game.

Thanks blendenzo it works perfectly now=D

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