Action Problems

i’m afraid i didn’t completly understand how to make actions in my games. here is what i tried:
but it just won’t work

what does frame 20 look like

And explain things a bit more indepth; a still of an animation doesn’t do it, your logic looks setup ok. You may want to put the cursor in the 3d window hit A then in the action window hit A then select key and change the extrapolation mode to cycle and not constant

what i did is enetring pose mode, and changing the character from a standing position to a sittin one. then i inserted a Rot key for all the bones. at frame 1 and at frame 20 it’s just the sitting pose. nothing else. i tried to just put it in 1 frame, but it doesn’t work either. i really don’t know what to do

it’s blend posting time

got an uploading site?

Its Blend Posting Tymmmeeee!!!

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@ 4go10soul: Post a blend bud, helps us help you easier.

Sorry about this completely off-topic post, but why does your ‘Start’ button say ‘nyck’?

Because his version of windows isnt english … duh :stuck_out_tongue:

Because his version of windows isnt english … duh :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh right didn’t think of that:o

That will only save the rotating of your animation, try inserting a LocRot instead (loc is for location, and rot is for rotating), and it should work. If that doesn’t solve it, post a blend file. A good hosting site would be, you just have to create a free account, and upload (hotlinking is allowed too :D).

won’t let me register
“Internal error in account.php, line 232: Unable to create user folder for userid: 492046. Check directory permission. Registration halted and user has not been registered. Please contact the administrator at [email protected]

Just use a simple uploading site such as:

Actually, if you look up at the top of his screen it says that he’s using 2.40. I think Armature support was disabled in that version.

woha! dude! thanks! now it works!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: