action property values to trigger actuators

i wanted to use animation action property values to trigger actuators like playing sound in certain value, but the problem is when the armature or the object parented to it is not in range of the camera the value stop work.
how to fix that please?

download the testing move the camera with keyboard A or D or use mouse movement:


testing.blend (422 KB)


check upbge and custom culling shape

is there no way to fix it in BGE using python or something?

try using a property and marching it yourself

if prop < max , add 1 to prop
prop = 0

and then use the same prop to animate the agent so the time is in synch using action in property mode

(so the sound is not dependant on the culled action)

I think* there’s an old hack to keep one vertex from the mesh in front of the camera so it doesn’t get culled

See this thread for other possible workarounds: