action spooning

(blenderage) #1

this is really annoying me now! Too things happen i dont like when I use touch sensor to only do action that should be performed on the ground everything messes up and plays at the wrong time. Secondly the priorities thing although action can overide others they still play in the background. Let me explain, I have a small attack action 10 frames or so. I have a forward roll button thats longer, when I roll but press the attack button during the roll the atack plays in the backround and when te roll is finished it plays what is left of the attack animation. This looks really tacky. If there is anyway to fix this pleeeeease tell me.

Oh and is there any way to change parenting in realtime? I could do so many cool effects if this is possible. But mostly I want my guy to ride a horse but which mean parenting to the horses movements. (Or the horse to the guys) but not all the time.

(saluk) #2

Can’t parent in realtime.

The actions work much better in blender 225 then they do in 223, I suspect you are using 223? It takes a lot of tweaking anyhow to get the priorities right, but I’ve never seen this happen in 225.

For the horse riding, the first method I think of is this:
Give the player armature all the bones for the horse, and put them in front of him. Now make an invisible plane, and parent it to the armature (use armature). When he goes to ride the horse, make the plane “replace mesh” with the horse mesh, and play an action that makes the character climb onto the horse. Then make sure all of you’re actions include him in the correct position on top of the horse.

There are other ways though, like using python to “parent” him on top, or other things.