Action Strip loads Incorrectly with AutoRigPro


I try to load an action strip from a finished animation file, using a new rigged char.
(both rig created with AutoRigPro, so all namings and structures are same)

It loads, the central parts (root, spines) are fine, But
IKs and pole controls are all messed up,
either transforms cross to the other side, or Up Side Down. Rotations are messed up too.

Even if i Offset the data by hand, the animation is still Incorrect.
seems like numbers all messed up, but keys are there.

I have tried Bake Action to full frame keys (to avoid constrains interfering),
totally the same result. I mean it looks the same so thats probably not it.

this has worked before i dont understand how this can mess up,
anything comes to mind?
(blender 3.22, ARP 3.65.4)

thanks in advance.