Action to NLA problem

Has anyone had the problem that the action you create by keys in the actions editor does not show up in the NLA editor?
Then when you goto the NLA editor and add a strip, select the action to create into a strip, it still does not show up.
I have the problem. I can bring up the strip properties and it shows info as if the strip is there but I see nothing in the box.
I have scrolled up and down looking and it is not there.
I even tried selecting “view all” and that showed nothing.
What gives? I can see in IPO! I am lost here.
FYI I am using 2.47…not that I think anyone has not updated but you never know.

Update: I figured it out. Going into the view menu in NLA, I deselected “only object in visible layers” and the actions popped up. Thanks.