Action window and RVK?

I’m having a trouble understanding this thing.

I have a mesh wich i applied some RVK’s and some IPO’s to the Keys.
In the Action window i had no actions created but could saw the keys.

I add an action and that action as the same keys and have an F before (linked to what ?), and every time i add an action, is equal to the others, linked to something, if i thange that, it change the others and cannot erase none.

(hope that my english is not to confuse)

How do i remove the F and how do i erase that action?

Working with 2.37a

Thank you very much!

If there is anything in that thread you don’t understand just ask.


Thank you very much for your link, learn alot!!

It solve all my problems that i have, but IMO (not trying to be smart, it’s just dificult to me to learn without understand) it’s a bit inconsistent with other things in Blender, like:

Why don’t i have any default Action created for that keys, but can change them?

If i create an Action, why it gets a fake user by defaut and there’s no F button like in other similar situations?

The Actions i create are linked to the IPO?
If yes, when i change the Action, the IPO should change automaticaly, like if i have a material with 2 textures and i select texture 2, when change to textures window, i see texture 2.

Sorry, don’t get me wrong if i said something stupid, but i’m used that Blender functions that way in other situations.

Now it’s it’s not how can i do it, but why does it function that way? (hope it doesn’t look esoteric)

If i’m thinking wrong, can you give me an explanation or maybe a “draw”? lol

Thank you very much, Fligh %!!

it’s a bit inconsistent with other things in Blender,

Yes, and they are busy fixing it:

There is more to do than is on that page but it (and NLA and Sequence Editor) will get better and better as they will be the main focus of 2.4 for (maybe) the next year.


Understood, thanks alot!! :smiley: