Action won't play unless you're looking at the object?

I have a door opening animation which is triggered by the player hitting a button. It usually works fine, except for when the player is not looking in the general direction of the door when they hit the button to open it. The properties update, the sounds play and everything, but the animation seems to wait until you turn to look at the door to start. Any ideas on what could be causing this and how to overcome the problem? Thanks in advance!

animation culling,

animations only play in the cameras futurism

have you ever made a property based motion sequencer?

This only happens on armature actions. I suggest to open the door with an object action.

To tell you the truth, I’m not actually sure what a based motion sequencer is.

Thanks Monster! Adding a solved flair now.

here is a sequencer you activate with mouse over+Left click


Sequencer.blend (412 KB)