- action -

This is my entry for the action contest.


For me it is close to finished. I know there is no background, but I like it like that. Unless you have good suggestions for a background, I will leave it black. So if you have comments or suggestions, please tell me.


DUCK! pretty cool scene,i like the m blur affect,
you get the patented rixtr one finger salute:)

nice work


action packed! great job! i definitely think a bg would help though…some stands with blurry blurry people would be the finishing touch! excellent!

I updated the pic.


As you can see I added a nicely blurred background.
I also added a logo on the ball.
If you have comments or suggestions,…


HAHAHA thats very funny one

:< :< :< Don’t bring up old topics with useless coments :< :< :<