ActionActuator isn't showing new Actions

Hi. I’ve been working on my first FPS game for a while now. I’ve been using Actions to move doors and other objects. Now the Logic Editor is no longer showing new actions. Did I exceeded a limit?

I guess you need to scroll. You do that with the mouse wheel.

Additional you can type in parts of the action name. It will filter the candidates.

Thanks for the reply. I did know that though. I also deleted any unnecessary keyframes on walls, etc, in case of any action limit. No luck. I guess don’t worry about it. I’ll improvise in this instance.

Your statement is a bit unclear. Did you find your actions?

I had given up. But, today I leaned of the Action Editor. When I make actions there, they show in the Action Actuator. So it’s solved.

Drop Sheet, Action Editor, Create new action.