Actions attached to objects not armatures - help?

hey all, I’ve just been updated to blender 2.5 and I’m having trouble with some animations that I made in 2.4.

I’ve got a character rigged to an armature and in blender 2.4 I created several different actions (including a walk cycle) by manipulating the armature and recording the keyframes. Unfortunately since I’ve updated to 2.5, it doesn’t seem like I can separate out the walk cycle from the other animations. I looked at the dopesheet and it looks like the walk cycle animation is connected to the armature and the other actions are connected to the object.

Does anybody have any ideas why this might have happened and how i might be able use the different actions individually? Even pointing me toward a tutorial would be a great help.

First select the armature, and in the dropdown menu of dopesheet you will find actions select that and you should be able to use the animations.

Ah man, I’m so bad at this! Thanks for that, i selected the armature, dropped it out of weight paint mode and now i’m able to at least use the different action animations. It still looks like the walk cycle is associated with the armature and the other animations are associated with the mesh in the dope sheet, but I think I’ll leave off investigating that for now.

Thanks heaps!