Actions disappearing?

I’m using blender 2.60 and for some reason all of my animations keep deleting themselves…

I’ll animate the armature, save, and when I load the file again later all of the animations have disappeared!! I make the animations in different actions so I can load them separately in the game logic, but it keeps deleting the actions I need and leaving the useless ones!!

Anyone else have this problem? I spent all day rigging a character for my game project, animated it, and programmed it’s actions in the game engine only to have it delete everything upon loading it again!!

I am using 2.61 and keep getting simular lost actions. some times thay save, sometimes they dont. I have a file i have been working on for a few days now, got home this evening, all the animations are gone. yet they have loaded fine for a few days.

im unsure if i am doing something wrong, as i am still new to blender

Yeah I never had this problem before 2.60… I think it hates me… it only deletes the animations that are being used!! Everything that is unused at the time is left alone!

Make sure the “F” by the action name in the action editor is selected. This forces the action to have a user so it won’t get deleted. I think this used to be checked by default, but now it’s not. I’m not sure why it changed.

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OH MY GOD!!! I should have thought of that… I’ve noticed a lot of buttons that used to be checked by default aren’t anymore… Maybe I can actually get some work done now…

For the BGE I suggest to ALWAYS reference your action in at least one actuator.

It does not matter if this actuator gets activated or not.
It does not matter if the actuator is at the character or not (can be an empty too).
It only matters the actuator is set up with the name of the action (I call it an action holder).


  • The actions will be saved as they have at least one owner.
  • If you link your character from another file you get the current action + all actions referred by the linked objects. (the “F” is ignored on linking)
  • You can link actions from other files just by linking the action holder (this allows action libraries).

Nice tips there Monster.

I had all of the actions assigned to actuators… The only ones that it didn’t save were the ones that were used by actuators… The “F” thing fixed it. I re-did all the animations and made sure to click the f button and they all saved just fine.