Actions disappearing

Hi, I have this problem that whenever I want to make a new action, the old one is overwritten, what might be causing this and how do I prevent that?

(I made a run cycle and it got overwritten when I made the jump action)

on the offchance are you inserting keyframes for them? i have done it a few times before when i forget to insert keyframes for the bones and then render it and i lose the information?

What do you mean? What I do I just press the little x by the name of it and it clears out the action, but still saves it in a drop down menu. However, when I close the Blender and start it back up, or render it, it is gone. What can I do to fix that?

When you click on the ‘X’ you un-link the action from the armature and/or object. If the action has no users, (not linked to anything), upon saving the .blend any action that is not linked is not saved. To prevent the action from being deleted when saving the file, click on the ‘F’ button to assign a ‘Fake User’ to the action. This behavior is consistent in blender and also applies to images, materials, textures, f-curves, etc, as well.


Thank you so so so much!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Do you know what might be wrong with my animation set up, when I set up the bricks in the game logic, the idle brick set as always and the run cycle set as a keyboard action, when i hit P, only the ideal one is running and if i hit my action key for run, it just stops and nothing else happens?

You might want to ask in the game engine part of this forum. I don’t know anything about the game engine other than using it for rigid body sims - like dominoes falling over…


randy you sir are a legend lol :slight_smile: