Activate / Select an Image / Texture from Outliner in Cycles

Hi Guys,

In have a complex project, containing a lot of materials an image textures.

Is there any way how to make an image texture / node active by selecting it in outliner,
or with phyton script by image name in node editor, or property editor.

Similar feature, like when selecting an object, so it becomes active / selected in scene.
There is no select linked feature, after right click on image in outliner.

I would like to change for particular images its color / non-color setting fast,
without looking for a needle in a haystack.

many thanks for any ideas



If You select Materiale in Properties - Materiale Tap…It will be selected in node Editor.


but it will not select the texture image node with the image selected in outliner

… anyway I came up with a small python snippet workaround to change its attribute based on image name