Activate Sound Makes My Game Lagg?

Hi! I have a serious problem all of the sudden with my game, or blender in general. I have been adding sound effects for a long time to my game but this is the first time something like this have happend and its really weird so I really need some help with this to continue my game project.

When I add a sound(Doesn’t matter how big the sound file is) and just link it to a sensor (Keyboard, always, property or anyone) the game will get a framedrop when running the sound file. Sometimes it works in the Embedded player without a framedrop, but always in runtime or in the standalone player it gets like a 5 - 20 framedrop and freeze. Keep in mind that my old sound files that I have in my game works fine for some reason. The game is 60 fps and I get like 500 frames without fps limit and it works without lag when i turn off “Use FPS”, but with 60 fps limit i always gets game freeze and lagg and I really dont know what have happend cause it wasnt like this before. Really needs help! :frowning:

When i run this simple file in standalone I get the same problem and its really weird… maby its something wrong with my audio on my computer or is it blender?

test.blend (458.5 KB)

Help would be really useful <3


Forgot to pack the file but this is some screenshots:

This is before sound file

This is after, so “Overhead” goes from 7% to 17% in one millisecond and make a freeze, sometimes it even spikes up to 22% and frames goes down to 45 :thinking: I dont understand whats going on…

“use framerate” is a known issue. its best to leave it on despite its buggy nature, but try disabling vsync.

if you can get away with having “use framerate” off, then good for you, however, vsync becomes necessary.

I tried to disable use framerate and used vsync but that didnt do much, but I was just messing around a bit and it seems like it might be a packed files bug of some sort. I found the weirdest solution and that is to have a background noise meanwhile running a sound, as I said before… this makes no sense lol… :thinking: