Activating Added Object's Properties

I’ve had this problem for ever, but never found a fix. I have an empty that adds “Sphere” when i push space. This works. Then, when it collides with an object (it tracks to and moves towards it) the “Sphere” should activate the objects collision actuator, which is searching for the property “SammaronIsIncrediblyCool” (which the sphere does have). Unfortunately, the trigger doesn’t occur. I was told to activate the object, or it’s properties, but, clearly trumpeted by this thread, i haven’t yet found out how. Help me, please? Everyone will like you if you do :smiley:

Do you mean like this? Make sure you don’t have any typos, because it works fine for me…


spherecollision.blend (189 KB)

oops :slight_smile: forgot to make them actors. hehe :smiley: thanks