Activation of the 'add driver' and 'copy data path' of the eye icons

To create a better system for labels and definition for this project:

25 euros for a script to activate the ‘add driver’ and ‘copy data path’ of the eye icons of the outliner;
+10 euros if it works with the collections;
+15 euros if it can be ready-to-use without any configuration on a ‘mailed’ portable version
+15 euros to activate the option ‘assign shortcut’ on the screen icons of the outliner.
+15 euros to create a ‘Track to the 3D Viewport’ constraint (independently of the camera, like the texts of the standard ‘MeasureIt’ add-on)

If before the 13/09/21, double the prices:

or 200 euros if everything is received functional before 10/09/21.

Extra: + 50 euros for an elegant way to keep the lights on when isolating objects with ‘Shift+H’ (and Local view if possible)

Please confirm here if interested.

Application closed