Activation sword

My email address and ISP are the same. I had to replace my box, Intel-32 Windows-XP, with a new, amd-64 Linux Mint_15-64.

Your account is active. What exactly are you asking?

Thanks for your response. I have partially figured out how to get here and post. FYI what I was trying to do was have all of my forums on one USB stick. The problem seems to be with my operating system and settings, that are probably too complex. I originally registered with this current USB stick in ‘LIVE’ mode (not installed to hdd) using Linux Mint_14-64 Mate (Gnome) and this works with cookies, history and bookmarks all working well. Possibly as a function of Linux and being ‘LIVE’, when I navigate using tabs in Firefox I somehow loose my status as being recognized for posting. If I stick to one tab the problem does not occur and I sometime forget. Sorry, my fault.
For reasons way beyond my understanding, it seems that trying to set up a second ‘LIVE’ USB stick does not work.
I am pleased that I can use the original USB stick to access the blenderartist forum and I will abandon my attempt to make a second stick.

Technical FYI: amd64 FX4100 500 GB hard drive with Linux Mint_12 Gnome installed.

  • primary ‘LIVE’ USB (4 GB) OS: Linux Mint_14-64 Gnome, Firefox on a ‘wired’ modem.
  • secndary ‘LIVE’ DVD-RW and CD-RW with Linux Mint_14-64 and Linux Puppy_5.4.3
  • new (trying to set up): Linux Mint_15-64 KDE.

I hope this may be of some use if others are having a similar problem.

“Welcome sword”, “you are not logged in”, “you are not authorized to…”.
I am not able to access or reply to PM. I will try again at monthly intervals.

How about instead of doing all of that crazy complicated stuff with USB sticks, you just try logging into the website like a normal person? It sounds like you’re creating your own problem.