Active bitmap after unwrapping

A small question to all texture-gurus:
After unwrapping previously textured mesh I get it in Texture mapping pane/window.
Then-I could expect- I getunwrapped mesh with previously assigned texture.
Instead I have some other txture-no rule for that- and I have to scroll small window with tiny thumbs
to find previously assigned texture. Could it be some logic introduced to it?

after doing an unwrap you should assign an image to that UV unwrap!

depends which renderer you are using !

can you provide a simple sample file with problem?

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Its a bit hard to demonstrate it,
Suppose I have an object with already unwrapped and assigned texture,
but for some reason I need to edit/change that mapping, so I select the object,
switch to UW window and instead of already assigned and mapped texture I can see some other texture,
maybe from lately mapped object. o I have to scroll down and choose from many other textures to find the right one, texture thumbs are tiny anyway and sometimes hard to identify.

possible if you have more then one unwrap per object
you can select the UV map in the data preference window

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Because you can have any number of materials in a texture, the UV editor doesn’t just ping to the texture you want. If your working in a scene with looooads of textures, try popping up the select image dropdown, and typing search-terms for the texture you want.

It would be nice to select an image-texture node in material nodes, and have a button to open that in the UV editor. Maybe someone wrote an addon…?

That also may be.
But most annoying thing is: having selected an object, switching to Edit Mode and turning to UV window I dont get *actual texture under unwrapped object.
*Actual - the one /or one of these/ used for that object.