(Active/Passive Objects) Why do objects float?

I haven’t really had much success with the blender physics engine. I tried to make guns fall to the ground only for the guns to land rightside up with no bounce, no additional movement. I tried to make a bouncy-ball with no deformation in the spheres, and now when I’m trying to make a bunch of cubes fall to the ground, not a single one is actually touching the plane. From a far enough distance, you wouldn’t be able to tell, but I have a camera up close to the blocks and each block is actually floating above the plane. Why does this happen?

I understand that in the real world, no two items are technically ever touching each other due to the force around atoms and molecules, but it isn’t visible without the use of high powered microscope. Blender makes it obvious that an item is floating when using the active/passive simulator.

(Photo reference: The plane is passive, and the blocks are all active)